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Frequently Asked Questions

🍁 ​Is there a minimum age requirement to join MGWT?
          Yes, you must be 18 or older to be a member.

🍁 ​Are there dues associated with MGWT?
          Yes, they are $60 annually. Dues are sent to the MN Women of Today. Each new member receives a name tag and a T-shirt from the Maple Grove Women of Today.

🍁 ​What are your members like?
          We come from all different walks of life. There are ~30 of us currently. Some are married. Others are single and/or widowed. From professional working women to stay at home moms to retirees, we represent them all.

🍁 ​Do you all live in Maple Grove?
          No, we come from Maple Grove, Rogers, Plymouth, New Hope and Corcoran.

🍁 ​Are there Women of Today Chapters in every city of Minnesota?
          No, currently we have 67 Chapters located in cities, towns, and townships throughout Minnesota.

🍁 ​What is the time commitment if I decide to join?
          With any professional volunteer organization there is a time commitment. Monthly meetings are 90 minutes. Beyond that, hours volunteered will depend on the number of service projects and fundraisers you commit to participate in and/or lead. We encourage all members to be involved! We LOVE to give back!

🍁 ​Can I be a member if I am gone a few months in the winter?
​          Absolutely, some of our members are snowbirds as well.

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